Anvesh Ramella is a Master Mariner with 16 years of extensive experience in chemical and oil tankers. He began his sea career in 2007 as a Deck Cadet on chemical tankers and has since navigated through various responsibilities, ultimately reaching senior management roles.

Holding a Master’s Certificate of Competency (COC) Class 1 and a Bachelor’s degree in Nautical Science, he possesses a profound understanding of maritime operations. His expertise encompasses critical frameworks such as SMS, SIRE, CDI, and Port State Inspections. He has handled a wide variety of chemical cargoes and is highly skilled in tank cleaning and cargo operations.

A proud member of both the Singapore Nautical Institute (SNI) and the Nautical Institute, London, he is deeply passionate about the maritime sector. Actively engaging in the evolving maritime landscape, he advocates for decarbonization. Recently, he transitioned to a shore-based role, bringing his extensive seafaring experience to his new position.

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