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  • MarClean AC

    MarClean AC is a conventional alkaline NLS Cargo tank cleaner with fast-acting wetting agents. It can be used neat or diluted with water depending on the degree of contamination, type of surface, hardness of water and temperature.

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  • MarClean AC+

    MarClean AC+ is a strong potassium based NLS Cargo tank cleaner designed for removal of soot, animal fats and veg oil residues (drying/semi drying). It is made with fast-acting wetting agents, and can be used neat or diluted with water depending on the degree of contamination, type of surface, hardness of water and temperature.

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  • MarClean ECO

    MarClean ECO is designed for the removal of inert gas soot, vegetable, fish and animal oils and fats, crude palm oil, styrene, palm fatty acids, fatty acid and greases, heavy mineral oils, greases, dopes, additives, lubricants, asphalt, distillation residues, coal tar, several synthetic resins and paraffines such as slackwax. It is suitable for use on stainless steel, epoxy and zinc coated tanks being a highly concentrated product, which limits the amount of cleaning agent required for a successful tank cleaning.

    It has been developed as a concentrated heavy duty tank cleaner which is manufactured from natural raw materials containing no chlorinated or aromatic hydrocarbons, making it an excellent hydrocarbon free cleaner after any cargo. As a multi-functional tank cleaner it replaces most conventional alkaline, solvent and water based tank cleaners. This product is eco-friendly, non–toxic, environmentally safe and biodegradable

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  • MarClean Green

    An effective cleaning agent for removal of luboils, gasoil, hydrocarbon products or chemicals, vegetable oils, phthalates, paraffines and odour-intensive chemicals. It is a neutral high cleaning concentrate and free of solvents.

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  • MarClean H60+

    MarClean H60+ is an excellent option for cleaning of paraffins, waxes and other mineral oils, and is the main product used when cleaning from DPP to CPP. It is a low-toxic, low aromatic, biodegradable and solvent-based tank cleaner containing emulsifying agents and petroleum solvents. MarClean H60+ is safe to use on most metal surfaces and tank coating. It does not leave any film in the cargo tanks and it contains no chlorinated hydrocarbons. MarClean H60+ is a good solution, because it is easy to apply while being effective and economical in use.

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  • MarClean HCR

    MarClean HCR is used for the removal of Hydrocarbons during NLS Cargo tank cleaning operations, to bring the tank wall condition up to the required wall wash specification.

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  • MarClean MB40

    MarClean MB40 is a phosphoric acid NLS Cargo tank cleaner with agents. It removes white residues from fatty acids, caustic soda and lime in cargo tanks. It also brightens aluminum, copper and stainless steel.

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  • MarClean Solve

    MarClean Solve is a heavy duty NLS Cargo tank cleaner for the removal of paraffins, lubrication oils, waxes, crude oil, heavy fuels, fatty acids, vegetable oils and animal fats.

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  • MarClean SC

    MarClean SC is ideal for the removal of soot and cleaning of extremely dirty tanks from mineral oils and petroleum products, as a hydrocarbon remover and general degreaser. It is the strongest water-based, non-caustic cleaning and degreasing agent and is based on the latest and most powerful biodegradable surface-active and emulsifying agents. It contains fattyalcohol-etoxylates, methasilikates and complexing agents. It works well in hard, soft, ambient and hot water. It should be noted that all chemicals have a reduced efficacy with seawater.

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  • MarClean Soap

    MarClean Soap contains wetting agents and is a light duty NLS Cargo tank cleaner, which allow rapid penetration to remove light mineral oils from tank surfaces.

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  • MarClean XP

    MarClean XP is the strongest water based, non-caustic cleaning and degreasing agent. It is based on the latest and most powerful biodegradable surface-active and emulsifying agents.

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  • TECO Chlor

    TECO Chlor is extremely efficient to remove red and/or yellow dye discoloration or stains in cargo tanks in tankers caused by carriage of dyed gasoline cargoes

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  • MarClean DA Special

    MarClean DA Special is a unique product designed to improve PFAD and veg oil cleaning considerably replacing the conventional alkaline cleaning followed by acid cleaning in a 2-in-1 operation

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  • MarClean SSP

    MarClean SSP is an effective metal cleaner and degreaser, containing good foaming qualities.

  • MarClean MB

    MarClean MB is a highly concentrated acid cleaner based on citric acid. It is used for the removal of white residues like metal soaps from vegetable oils, fatty acids and carbonates from sodium and potassium hydroxides as well white residues from amines. This product has an excellent environmental profile with a low water hazard class of 1. It contains no VOC and is safe to use on coatings.

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  • TECO Spectrophotometer

  • TECO Wall Wash Test Kit

  • TECO DI Water Twin Unit

  • TECO DI Water Plant

  • TECO Tank Cleaning Machine & Hoses

  • TECO Pallidium Test Kit

  • TECO Pallidium Test Meter

  • Lab Grade Methanol

  • Lab Grade DI Water

  • Lab Grade Acetone

  • Potassium Permanganate Crystals

  • Chloride Standard Solution

  • Hydrochloric Acid Concentrate

  • Standard Solution

  • Silver Nitrate

  • Filter Paper

  • Graduated Glass Cylinder

  • Igloo Box

  • Pen Light

  • Thermometer

  • Squeeze Bottle with Dripper

  • Cotton Wool

  • Cotton Rags

  • Pipette

  • Stainless Steel Funnel / Plastic Funnel

  • Sample Glass Bottles

  • Shoe Covers

  • Safety Googles

  • Safety Chemical Gloves

  • Caustic Potash Flakes

  • Caustic Soda Flakes

  • Nitric Acid 68% For Passivation

  • Citric Acid For Passivation

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