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  • TECO Antifreeze Coolant

    Specially formulated liquid antifreeze that is based on monoethylene glycol. When the product is mixed with cooling water, it lowers the freezing point in the cooling systems.

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  • TECO Bacteria Control

    Specially mixed micro-biological control agent. It is manufactured for use in water cooling systems and ballast water.

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  • TECO Boiler Treat Combi

    Organic boiler water treatment for pH, corrosion, scale sludge control and condensation.

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  • TECO Boiler Treat One Shot

    Special liquid compound containing a combination of different alkaline mineral salts.

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  • TECO Condensate Treat

    Organic oxygen scavenger and corrosion inhibitor for feedwater, steam lines and condensate systems.

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  • TECO Cool Treat NCLT

    Specially formulated liquid corrosion and scale inhibitor for closed circuit cooling water systems.

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  • TECO Ecoperse

    The most advanced and ecological version of antifoulant. It prevents and controls marine growths and reduces corrosion in seawater cooling systems due to its excellent filming property.

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  • TECO Evaporator Treat

    Specially formulated liquid compound containing neutral acid sequestering inhibiting agents for the prevention of scale build-up in evaporators.

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  • TECO Hardness Control Liquid

    Specially developed liquid boiler water conditioner that converts hardness salts to non-adherent sludge that can be removed by blowdown.

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  • TECO Alkalinity Control

    Boiler water pH conditioner. Specially concentrated liquid alkaline compound.

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  • TECO Test Kit Alkalinity

  • TECO Test Kit Nitrite

  • TECO Test Kit Oxygen / Hydrazine

  • TECO Test Kit Total Hardness

  • TECO Test Kit Chloride

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