About TECO Chemicals

TECO Chemicals is a specialized supplier of IMO-2020 compliant marine chemicals, cleaning chemicals for tankers and bulkers, remote cleaning consultations, supercargo services and equipment for tank and cargo hold cleaning: operating successfully since 1994. Chemicals supplied are of exceptional quality, tank-coating manufacturer approved and in line with MARPOL regulations from its stocks and production facilities worldwide.

Our worldwide team is committed to optimize clients’ flexibility and earnings, reduce off-hire, turn-around time, costs and environmental impact. From its headquarters in Norway, and offices in Singapore, Greece, the United States and the Middle East, TECO Chemicals covers and supplies most of the strategic and relevant ports of call.

With the implementation of IMO-2020 regulations for emissions, TECO Chemical also serves its clients with Caustic Soda 50% solution for use in scrubbers, Urea 40% solution for SCR use and other chemicals or raw materials required for Ballast Water Treatment Systems or for marine cleaning. Our deliveries are from barge, truck or IBC containers, by certified personnel and approved equipment, always in line with local rules and regulations to ensure safety and cost effective operations for our clients. The revolutionary TECO onboard Urea Generator directly impacts efficiency, cost and regulatory emissions compliance.

From our operations centres in Norway, Singapore, Houston, Athens and Fujairah, our team of dedicated staff prides itself on offering 24/7 connectivity for partners to secure orders as well as to provide consultancy and expert advisory for their cleaning operations

TECO Chemicals is part of TECO Maritime Group-supplying products along with providing repair and maintenance services to the international maritime industry. The entities within the group provide a vast array of products and services to the maritime, offshore and onshore industries, thus assisting many of the largest international ship owners and operators globally

We are always listening and always available.