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  • MarClean SC

    MarClean SC is the strongest multipurpose cleaning chemical and general degreaser for pet coke, coke and coal, sulphur, black and oily stains, soya beans, sunflower seeds and fish meal. It is a water based, non-caustic cleaning and degreasing agent based on the most powerful biodegradable surface-active and emulsifying agents.

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  • MarClean AC

    MarClean AC is a regular alkaline cargo hold cleaner and general multipurpose cleaner for pet coke, coke and coal, sulphur, black and oily stains, soya beans, sunflower seeds and fish meal. MarClean AC typically comes with high foam and fast acting wetting agents and can be used neat or diluted with water.

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  • MarClean MB40

    MarClean MB40 removes cement, cement clinker, limestone, sandstone, iron ore, gypsum and lime residues in cargo holds. It ALSO brightens aluminum, copper and stainless steel. This is a concentrated phosphoric acid-based chemical cargo hold cleaner with wetting agents, and should always be added to water, never the reverse.

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  • MarClean Hold Block

    MarClean Hold Block is a water based liquid product specially formulated to leave a thin, temporary film on cargo hold surfaces.

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  • MarClean Cement Remover

    MarClean Cement Remover is proven to remove stains from cement, clinker, bauxite, gypsum. limestone, sandstone and limewash efficiently. It is a concentrated acid-based chemical proven designed to penetrate and dissolve the stains effectively.

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  • MarClean Foam Plus

    MarClean Foam Plus is a concentrated water-based and water-soluble product which has been newly developed. It can be used as an additive in all alkaline water- based cleaning chemicals. This enables the cleaning duration and the penetration of the treated surface to be adequately enhanced. The results are increased chemical competence and cost effectiveness.

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  • TECO Chlor

    TECO Chlor or Sodium Hypochlorite, is efficient to remove stains from pet coke, coal and other black cargo stains. It is a heavy-duty, water-based tank cleaner which does not contain nonyl phenol ethoxylates or other estrogenic compounds. It is biodegradable and free from hydrocarbon solvents.

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  • TECO Chemical Applicator Kit

    Handymax and Panamax

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  • TECO Cleaning Gun

    Handymax and Panamax

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  • TECO High Pressure Cleaning Machine

    200 bar, 350 bar, 500 bar & 750 bar

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  • TECO Protection Kit

  • TECO Wilden Pump

  • TECO Submersible Pump

  • Rubber Boots

  • Face Mask

  • Gas filter

  • Helmet with face shield

  • Safety googles

  • Safety Chemicals Gloves

  • Brooms

  • Sponges

  • Sponge Mops

  • Caustic Soda Flakes

  • Muriatic Acid (Hydrochloric acid)

  • Phosphoric Acid

  • Sugar

  • Lime Powder

  • Milk Powder

  • Sodium Hypochlorite

  • Ingredients For Limewash

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