Supercargo Services05/29/2023

Tank Cleaning Management Process

  • Planning

    Drawing up a detailed tank cleaning plan through data analysed by a team of in-house supercargoes via the TECO Tank Cleaning Questionnaire. This includes the correct selection of tank cleaning equipment and chemicals. Each step is monitored closely and course corrections can be activated at any crucial juncture.

  • Organizing

    The Supercargo undertakes liaison with vessel operators to consolidate all elements such as crew, tank cleaning plant and machinery organized for optimum cleaning operations. A Gantt graph showing the tank cleaning timeline will be drawn up for the ship to use.

  • Leadership

    Rendering expert advice throughout the entire implementation process of tank cleaning. The Supercargo acts as the advisor and troubleshooter to oversee all aspects of the operation.

  • Control

    Monitoring and interpreting tank cleaning results for best outcomes. This can be accomplished through digital photography and use of spectrophotometry to ensure the vessel passes inspections. The performance can be evaluated with the use of graphing techniques

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