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  • Chemical Applicator Pump

    This is used for the application of MarClean AC, Hold Block or TECO Chlor and can act as a Cement Remover. It can also be used for the transfer of liquids and chemicals.

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  • Descaling Machine

    When a vessel has gone through several voyages of dirty cargo, a descaling machine can be used to enable rust removal and attain grain standard. This machine aids in surface preparation and hold cleaning for clean cargo.

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  • HD Pole (12 metres) + Telescopic Pole (7.5 metres)

    The HD Pole is used to support hold cleaning in areas with elevated height. The Telescopic Pole is used to apply chemicals for hold cleaning and high pressure cleaning in areas with elevated height. It can be combined with a Deck Air Gun for elevated areas after cement discharge and for the transfer of liquids and chemicals.

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  • High Pressure Machine

    Used for hold preparation cleaning, vessel deck maintenance and to get bulk carriers to grain clean after a dirty cargo onboard. TECO HP Machines are designed not only to withstand the harsh seawater environment, but also make cleaning easier for the crew.

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  • Hold Cleaning Gun

    An indispensable component of bulk cleaning equipment which assists in washing down of chemicals for hold cleaning and washing down hold block after cargo discharge.

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  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

    An essential set of equipment to ensure protection of crew during hold cleaning. Our range of products comprises chemical suits, chemical gloves, helmets, safety goggles, rubber boots, half or full face masks and gas filters.

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  • Submersible Pump

    This piece of equipment is used for discharging wastewater and transferring of liquid.

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