Revolutionizing Vessel Operations with a DPP to CPP Conversion

Described as a game-changer for ship operators in the flourishing maritime landscape today. TECO Chemicals advocates the benefits of the DPP to CPP conversion process. This complex supercargo procedure supports vessels in switching cargo holds from dirty to clean petroleum products and is a key to winning lucrative charters and promises greater business opportunities through cargo flexibility. We are able to offer expert advice and complete turnkey solutions to support this innovative transformation, directly improving the operational performance of vessels.

We are well-aligned with our clients’ sustainability journey, alongside surpassing profitability margins. When switching between dirty to clean cargoes, special tank cleaning preparations are required to avoid cargo contamination and imperative to preserve the structural integrity of tank coatings. From the moment a client approaches us for consultation on cleaning requirements, we extend guidance to clients until the vessel clears inspection for acceptance for loading, paving the way for an ecologically-balanced future.

Sustained Expertise and Innovative Solutions

DPP or Dirty Petroleum Products have a larger residual footprint. Some examples of DPP cargoes are crude oil, fuel oil, dirty condensate and waxy distillate. CPP or Clean Petroleum Products are markedly different in nature, including gas oil, gasoline, Jet A1 and Naphta.

Our solutions encompasses multi-faceted processes such as Deslopping, Demucking, Sludge Disposal, Chemicals and Equipment Supply, Supercargo Services, Tank Inspection and Remote Tank Cleaning for vessels converting from DPP to CPP at worldwide ports.

With our commitment to personalized service and technical aptitude, our team has accomplished several record-breaking dirty to clean product conversions such as Veg to CPP, removal of IGS, Animal Oils, Fatty Acids, Greases, Paraffins, Distillation Residues, Phthalates and Odour-Intensive Chemicals across vessel classes, capacity of MR, LR1, AFRAMAX, LR2 and even VLCC across different types of cargo grades including high specs cargo such as water white and methanol standard – all with perfect approval ratings.

Getting it Right with TECO Chemicals

We encourage our partners to pursue this innovative transformation and promise to focus on personalised service, excellent logistics and technical proficiency to effectively reduce turn-around time, costs and environmental impact. Experience our advanced products and services through a consultation with our qualified team who will be able to provide commercial information on costs so that you can make an informed decision about your next cleaning operation.

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