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Convert from DPP to CPP?


Convert your vessel from DPP to CPP with our complete turnkey solutions

TECO Chemicals specializes in leading the multifaceted DPP (Bitumen) to CPP conversion, a rare and notoriously challenging switch for vessel operators and ship owners to accomplish. Join us onboard a vessel as we showcase just how this game-changing transformation directly improves operational performance and reduces your carbon footprint.

TECO Chemicals provides ready expertise and complete turnkey solutions to assist our clients in converting their vessel from DPP to CPP at ports worldwide. This professional and close consultancy service include procedures, cost and time budget for De-slopping, De-mucking, Sludge Disposal, Chemicals and equipment supply, Supercargo services, tank inspection and remote tank cleaning. We have accomplished several record-breaking dirty to clean product conversions which include vessel class, capacity of MR, LR1, AFRAMAX, LR2 and even VLCC.

TECO Chemicals will introduce the complex supercargo procedure of switching your cargo tanks from DPP to CPP. With our comprehensive process, we will help you formulate your cleaning plan and remotely monitor it. You will be able to make the switch at a much lower cost and in a timely, efficient manner.

DPP or Dirty Petroleum Products have a larger residual footprint. Some examples of DPP cargoes are crude oil, fuel oil, dirty condensate and waxy distillate. CPP or Clean Petroleum Products are markedly different in nature, including gas oil, gasoline, Jet A1 and Naphta. When switching between DPP and CPP cargo, special tank cleaning and preparations are required to avoid cargo contamination. Generally, internal visual inspection by charterer appointed surveyors may be required for acceptance for loading.

From the moment you approach TECO Chemicals for consultation on your cleaning operations, we will guide you through the entire process from analysis until you clear inspection for acceptance for loading. We will start by requesting you to complete our detailed questionnaire which will give us important information such as size of vessel, type of cargo pumping system, size and number of cargo tanks, number of fixed and portable tank cleaning machines available, cargo tank coating and previous cargoes carried by the vessel.

We will advise and work with the vessel’s master to draw up a detailed cleaning plan that will be customised to your specific requirements. Following this plan, you will commence the preparation of tanks, and step-by-step be guided through the process to secure a satisfactory result in a cost effective, safe and professional manner.

TECO Chemicals promises to focus on personalised service, excellent logistics and technical proficiency to effectively reduce our partners’ turn-around time, costs, and environmental impact. Experience our advanced products and services through a consultation with our qualified team who will be able to provide commercial information on costs so that you can make an informed decision about your next cleaning operation.

We look forward to receive your requirement, guide you and secure a professional result to your satisfaction.

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