GIRISH JOSHI06/28/2024

With over 30 years of maritime experience, Girish’s background includes significant roles such as Marine & Cargo Surveyor, Crew Manager and Deck Officer on various bulk carriers. His expertise spans ship management, cargo surveying and business development, making him a valuable addition to our team. Girish’s proven track record in planning, executing, and managing maritime operations aligns perfectly with our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Girish possesses a comprehensive understanding of both on-board operations and shore-based management enabling him to effectively bridge the gap between operational execution and strategic planning. He will be responsible to ensure our operations maintain the highest levels of safety and efficiency, streamline operations and drive both e efficiency and effectiveness in our processes.

In his new role, Girish will provide remote guidance for cleaning cargo holds of bulkers from dirty to clean, ensuring they meet the highest grain standards. He will also manage our shore gang team worldwide, enabling us to offer prompt remote assistance for hold cleaning. With Girish on board, TECO Chemicals now supplies not only chemicals and equipment for bulk carrier vessels but also provides comprehensive remote cleaning assistance, shore gang cleaning support, riding crew and inspection services for bulker vessels.

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