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TECO Degreaser 156

TECO Degreaser 156

A specially formulated, liquid, non-emulsifying degreaser. This odourless degreaser can be used in many applications including degreasing of bearings, cogs and mechanical parts.


Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for tank cleaning
  • Special degreaser to remove oil and grease contamination from machine and motor components, transmissions, ball bearings, cogwheels, metal parts, etc.
  • Contains no chlorinated hydrocarbons 
  • Does not form an emulsion with water, the contaminated oil can be separated with an oil/water separator and then be recycled or destroyed; so wastewater problems are avoided 
  • Odourless and powerful 
  • Very effective product, no need for heating
  • Easy to use and very economical


TECO DEGREASER 156 can be used in combination with a brush or by spraying.  
Suitable to remove light oily-like contaminations like alcohols, benzenes, fuel oils and liquid surfactants like fattyalcohol ethoxylates, etc.


Directions for use


To clean contaminated parts and surfaces, TECO DEGREASER 156 is to be used undiluted. Moisture the objects to be cleaned properly with the product. Depending on the character and amount of contamination let the product soak for 5 to 60 minutes. Meanwhile brushing will help. Afterwards the objects should be rinsed abundantly with water.  
ATTENTION: Parts which should be absolutely free of rust/corrosion, should not be rinsed with water but with fresh TECO DEGREASER 156. Dry the parts afterwards with compressed air.  
NOTICE: Cold degreasers may only be used in combination with oil/water separators. In order to guarantee an optimal separation of oil and water, cold degreasers should never be collected in oil/water separators together with emulsifying cleaning agents.
Clear, colourless, neutral and liquid degreasing agent based on among other things high-boiling aliphatic hydrocarbons. TECO DEGREASER 156 does not evaporate too quick and always without a residue. TECO DEGREASER 156 can be used on all metals and it is advisable to test the product prior to use on synthetics, rubber and hardened coatings.
Standard Packing
TECO DEGREASER 156 is usually available in steel drums of 25 l and 200 l.

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