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Water-based general-purpose degreaser, to be used as an enviro-friendly tank cleaning and engine room cleaning product. Can be used as alternative to MARCLEAN GP DEGREASER in a water-based formulation. Deck, bulkhead and accommodation are the areas where MARCLEAN GP ENVIRO can be used as a general cleaner.


Features & Benefits

  • Environmentally friendly product
  • Suitable for tank cleaning
  • No petroleum solvents, non-flammable
  • Biodegradable, non-toxic, wastewater will split into an oil/water phase
  • Fresh smell
  • Strong degreasing properties when diluted
  • Leaves no film residues on cleaned surfaces
  • Suitable on most common metals and coatings
  • Suitable for use with oil/water separators
  • Cost-effective and easy to use


MARCLEAN GP ENVIRO is used for engine rooms, decks, bulkheads, accommodation and tank cleaning.


Directions for use
For spraying method: Use a dilution of 2 - 5% with water and spray on surfaces/deposits. Let the product be soaking for 20 - 60 minutes. Wash down with high pressure. Temperature up to 60°C always helps the results of cleaning.  
For the removal of light oily-like contaminations like alcohols, benzenes, fuel oils, a dilution of 2 - 4% is sufficient. For the removal of liquid surfactants like fatty-alcohol ethoxylates, etc., a dilution of 3 - 6% should be used. The cleaning solution can be heated to max. 60°C.  
Recommended tank cleaning procedure for removing stains from tank linings using MARCLEAN GP ENVIRO. 

  1. Mix solutions of MARCLEAN GP ENVIRO either in tank bottom or void space.
  2. Dilution rate with water between 3% and 6%, depending upon light or heavy contamination (see above). Recent experience has shown that a 4.5% - 5% solution secures successful cleaning.
  3. Do not use the entire quantity of MARCLEAN GP ENVIRO in one solution for all tanks to be cleaned. Save a few drums (2 - 3) to “boost” the solution for cleaning the last 20% - 25% of the tanks to be cleaned.
  4. The solution may be used at ambient temperature, however, it is suggested that an increase of the cleaning temperature to maximum 60°C will enhance the cleaning ability and shorten the cleaning time. 
  5. Proceed to recycle the cleaning solution through the tank washing system for a period of two hours minimum per machine drop. Usually a cleaning time of 4 hours per tank will prove sufficient.
  6. At completion of chemical application begin washing down with water, using maximum pressure available. 
  7. Inspect tank surfaces and see if there remain some stains. Spot clean with undiluted MARCLEAN GP ENVIRO directly on the stained area. Allow a reaction time of 30 minutes and then rinse with water.

MARCLEAN GP ENVIRO can be diluted to a 2% solution in water for light cleaning. It must be allowed to soak for 1 - 15 minutes before rinsing with a water jet. Using water at a temperature of 20°C up to 60°C for dilution and rinsing increases the effectiveness of the product.  
MARCLEAN GP ENVIRO is applied by spray undiluted and left for 20 - 60 minutes. It must then be hosed off with a powerful water jet, whilst brushing the surfaces.
Standard Packing
MARCLEAN GP ENVIRO is usually available in plastic cans of 25 l.

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