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TECO Valve Treat

TECO Valve Treat

TECO Valve Treat:

Is a liquid compound that contains chemicals proven effective in reducing harmful effects of vanadium oxides and sodium salts in diesel engines. 


Advantages & Benefits:

  • Reduces high temperature corrosion
  • Reduces fouling in post-combustion zone such as turbochargers, exhaust valves, economizers
  • Separates emulsified water in fuel and enhances water separation at the separator
  • Reduces unburned particles and soot emission
  • Raises the melting point of sodium vanadium fuel ash
  • Keeps exhaust valves and turbochargers clean
  • Extends life of valves, cylinders, etc.
  • Reduces corrosion effects caused by vanadium and sodium impurities
  • Acid reduction in the exhaust system
  • Protects the engine and reduces unscheduled maintenance and expensive breakdowns



Adding TECO Valve Treat to bunker fuel forms a complex compound, that deactivates the

vanadium and sodium common in heavy bunker fuels. The melting point of vanadium pentoxide is

675°C and that of sodium sulfate is 880°C. When TECO Valve Treat is employed, the complexes

formed with vanadium and sodium sulfate by the agents in TECO Valve Treat melt at about 1100°C.



TECO Valve Treat  is used both in steam and motor vessels burning heavy fuel oils to improve

combustion efficiency, reduce corrosion, disperse sludge and separate water. It is primarily formulated

for use in diesel engines to prevent valves failure.


Directions for Use:

TECO Valve Treat is introduced manually into the fuel tanks prior or during bunkering. The fuel

movement on entering the tank will blend the product completely with the fuel. The product can also be

dosed automatically into the fuel oil service line, prior to the service pump by means of a metering pump.

The TECO Chemicals Fot dosing system is recommended.


Product Dosage:

Dosage requirements depend on the nature and amount of impurities, but typical dosage rate is 1 l of

TECO Valve Treat per 4 tons of fuel oil, considering a normal vanadium level of 100 PPM. To establish

a more accurate and cost efficient dosage rate, it could be useful to test or know the vanadium content at each bunkering.



Example of our dosage rate is:

A fuel containing 100 ppm vanadium and 50 ppm sodium.

The dosage rate will be:

1 l TECO VALVE TREAT per 4 tons of fuel (1:4000).


Standard Packing:

TECO Valve Treat is available in steel drums of 25 liters.

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