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TECO Fot Sludge Dispersant

TECO Fot Sludge Dispersant

TECO Fot Sludge Dispersant

Is a specialised liquid product, containing solvents, dispersants, emulsifiers and

surface-active agents combined with a combustion improver


Advantages & Benefits:

  • Disperses, suspends and prevents sludge build-up in bunker tanks.
  • Keeps the fuel lines and filters cleaner and free of sludge restriction.
  • Stabilises fuel blends, stopping stratification and reducing compatibility issues.
  • Improves centrifugal separation & demulsifies the water from the fuel.
  • Increases combustion efficiency.
  • Reduces ash deposits and soot emissions.
  • Can be used as a cleaner for fuel filters, pre-heaters & burner tips.
  • Minimizes corrosion throughout the pre-combustion system.
  • Prevents formation of sludge in tanks, filters, pre-heaters, etc.
  • Improves atomization, injector spray pattern and improves combustion.
  • Reduces unburned particles and soot emissions.
  • Improves purifier & clarifier efficiency.
  • Limits fouling of combustion chambers, superheaters, exhaust valves, scavenge ports and turbochargers.
  • Reduces corrosion issue on heating coils, in bunker tanks and in the pre-combustion system.
  • Limits stratification and build-up of sludge due to incompatible fuels.
  • Maintain efficiency of the pre-combustion system & reduce maintenance costs.
  • Can be used to reduce and disperse existing sludge from bunker tanksprior to dry-docking.
  • Suitable for stabilization of low-sulphur fuels containing biofuels.



TECO Fot Sludge Dispersant is used in both steam and motor vessels burning residual fuel oils.


This new innovated treatment disperses sludge, breaks water in oil emulsions, making the residual fuel

more homogeneous for combustion improvement. This product also improves centrifugal separation,

atomization and injector spray pattern.

TECO Fot Sludge Dispersant is a new generation fuel oil treatment, with a unique

ability to disperse the sludge, keeping the pre-combustion system clean and maintenance free.


Directions for use

TECO Fot Sludge Dispersant should only be dosed into the bunker after a compatibility test has

been made and if the product is required. The compatibility test kit can be found with the other TECO

Chemicals test kits.

TECO Fot Sludge Dispersant should be dosed directly into the bunker tank prior to bunkering.

During the bunkering process, the product will self-disperse into the remaining fuel and the new bunker


Please note: We do not recommend dosing the TECO Fot Sludge Dispersant into the settling

tank. As this will take away the sludge dispersant properties from the bunker tank and will create an

extra cost for the ship owner, when dry-docking the vessel.


Product Dosage:

Dosage rates are best determined from the results of the fuel analysis. In this case we recommend using

the TECO Chemicals compatibility test kit.



* The fully compatible blends, with a sediment percentage of less than 0.05%, should not need treatment

for incompatibility. ASTM SPOT 1 may cause sludging if the fuels are not bunkered carefully. In this case

some treatment may be necessary, especially if problems such as corrosion or water content are


** We strongly advise to avoid using this fuel if possible.


Standard Packing:

TECO Fot Sludge Dispersant is available in steel drums of 25 liters.



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