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TECO Fot Combustion Catalyset

TECO Fot Combustion Catalyset

TECO Fot Combustion Catalyset

Acts as a combustion improver, carbon catalyst, ash modifier and smoke suppressant

for diesel engines burning heavy fuel oils and for boilers.


Advantages & Benefits:

  • Increases combustion efficiency
  • Improves fuel atomization
  • Reduces piston ring groove and piston fouling resulting in longer life
  • Reduces ash deposit formation in turbochargers and on exhaust valves
  • Decreases smoke emissions
  • Fuel conditioning components stabilize fuel viscosity, preventing sludge formation in tanks, filters and pre-heaters
  • Improves water separation in settling tanks and separators
  • Stabilizes residual fuels and stops sludge formations
  • Reduces smoke soot and carbon deposits
  • Minimizes low temperature corrosion by inhibiting conversion of sulphur dioxide to sulphur trioxide
  • Inhibits formation of carbonaceous ash deposits
  • Can be used in both engines and boilers


Product Dosage:

Dosage point location varies depending on engine/boiler fuel system layout. The most efficient and

economical method is obtained with a metering pump, dosing the additive into the suction side of the

booster pump (for diesel engines) or into the burner feed line (for boilers). Alternatively the additive

may be dosed directly to the day tank prior to refilling or directly to the bunker tanks.

Dosage rates depend on engine characteristics, operating conditions and quality of fuel oil.

A CCAI (Calculated Carbon Aromaticity Index) number exceeding 840 indicates a poor fuel quality,

which justifies the use of a chemical fuel oil treatment to counteract the effects hereof. Typical dosage

rates varying between 1 to 2 l for every 2000 l of fuel oil may be necessary.


As a general guide, initial dosage recommendation is 1 l of TECO Fot Combustion Catalyst for

4500 l of heavy fuel oil, but this depends on the Micro Carbon Residue (MCR). We recommend to test

the fuel and follow the below dosage chart.


For correct fuel oil treatment we suggest a fuel oil analyses. This can be done using the TECO Chemicals Fuel Oil Test Kit.

See your local TECO Chemicals representative or go to our website for more information.


Standard Packing:

TECO Fot Cumbustion Catalyst is available in steel drums of 25 l.


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