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TECO Economizer Treat

TECO Economizer Treat

TECO Economizer Treat

Is a liquid soot remover to prevent soot deposits in exhaust gas boilers at low temperature.

Extremely efficient when slow steaming at sea.


Advantages & Benefits:

  • Very effective when temperatures are above 200°C
  • An easy to dose soot remover liquid
  • Complete coverage of entire exhaust gas unit
  • Neutralises sulphuric acid
  • Greatly improved heat transfer
  • Reduces corrosion and fire risk
  • Maintains good heat transference in the system
  • Greatly reduces the chance of soot fires
  • Prolongs the life span of the combustion chamber



Today’s main propulsion units have low exhaust gas outlet temperatures. This is due to increased

engine and turbo blower efficiency. Lower gas temperatures are also the result of running at reduced

power. The low temperature and reduced gas volume gives increased soot deposition and subsequent

corrosion. The increased deposition greatly reduces the thermal efficiency of the economizer. As  ̈dew

point ̈ is often reached in the unit, causing the generation of sulphuric acid, the corrosion process is

greatly accelerated. TECO Economizer Treat is a specially developed liquid, which is easily dosed into the system,

using a special TECO Chemicals injection unit.

The special air assisted nozzles create a fine mist, so the liquid vaporizes on contact with the hot gas.

The vapour mixes with the exhaust gases and the active material is dispersed throughout the system in

microscopic particles. These tiny particles have an extremely large  "active surface area", are lightweight

and thus remain fully dispersed in the gas. This ensures that all parts of the economizer are covered

efficiently. In the past, powder products have been developed for this purpose. However, their large particle size

and greater weight makes them difficult to inject efficiently, so they cannot reach all areas requiring

treatment. This leads to product wastage and ineffective cleaning of the upper areas, where most of the

soot is deposited.

TECO Economizer Treat catalyses the post-combustion process, resulting in modified soot

particles that are dry and non-adherent. The resulting deposit is more friable and can be more easily

removed by the action of the soot blowers.


Directions for Use:

TECO Economizer Treat is designed to prevent major build-ups of soot in service. If the economizer is badly fouled we strongly

recommend a pre-cleaning of the unit using TECO Seaclean Voyage or TECO Tankclean Alkaline.


Product Dosage:

1 - 2 l of TECO Economizer Treat is required for every 1000 m2 of heating surface area. This amount

should be increased/decreased according to economizer design and fuel consumption.


Dosage Period:

TECO Economizer Treat should be injected daily or twice daily after soot blowing.


Standard Packing:

TECO Economizer Treat is available in plastic cans of 25 liters.

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