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Greener Cleaning

While shipping remains the most energy-efficient mode of cargo transportation today and an essential part of the world’s supply chain, more can be done to reduce its environmental footprint. Ships continue to emit severe amounts of nitrogen oxide, sulphur oxide, carbon dioxide and particulate matter into the atmosphere as well as into the aquatic eco-system.

At TECO Chemicals we advocate a greater need for the maritime industry to move towards greener shipping, promoting cleaner practices to enforce emission control. While we strictly abide by efficient cleaning processes for ships, a key contribution is our focus on offering comprehensive pro-environment initiatives with the supply of UREA 40% Solution for SCR Systems (Selective Catalyst Reduction Systems) and Caustic Soda 50% Solution for EGCS (Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems) which tackle pollution from ships in an efficient yet economical manner. Use of these particularly minimize health and ecological damage to the environment.

We believe in taking a proactive approach where our R&D team is constantly working to develop IMO-approved, high-performance and less harmful marine cleaning chemicals with the aim to keep the ecological balance of aquatic wildlife; without compromising on quality and composition. Our products are set apart as the chemical compositions are kept pure with no additives such as water to unfairly adjust the concentration of harmful components.

Partner with us on this evolutionary journey towards adopting responsible maritime practices as we invest in a cleaner and greener future together.


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